Suncheon Art Platform



Suncheon, South Korea



City of Suncheon



2.60 acre | 1.05 ha



9,000 sf | 836 sm



Art and Visitor Center with exhibition space, education space, cafe, tourism information, Yeonja-ru and parking









An Elevated Interpretation of the Old City and Wall


Suncheon, a ‘Humanities City’ filled with cultural and historical richness as well as scenic agricultural and industrial heritage, is beautiful in its people and land.  Our proposed Art Platform and Cultural Center (Center) is designed with nature and culture at the forefront.  It strategically infuses the process of preservation, conservation, and regeneration to create a modern and elevated interpretation of the wall that once stood in this location.


The Center is a hub and gateway to  an experiential engagement with Suncheon’s cultural present, historical richness, and its visionary future of being an ‘eco-city’ of the future.  It is intended to be a catalyst for inter-personal and inter-cultural experiences, as well as self-reflection initiated by the cultural and historical assets tangible within and across the Center.  Its 360₀ views to the city and its mountainous landscape in the distance gives it the context to realize the beauty and the vast advancements taking place in real time.  The orientation of the Center overlooks a historical landmark through a strategically placed well above the pedestrian walkway, giving homage to Suncheon’s cultural present and historical richness.


This all glass - 5 meter above the ground - elevated structure is designed to create symbolic connection to the past and present evoking a sense of harmony.  The courtyard in the middle of at the center aligns with the philosophy of yin-yang while providing a protected environment for outdoor sculptures, performing arts, and events.  The northeast corner of the Center overlooks and highlights the historical artifact on the ground level.


An all glass bridge to the Yeonja-ru and café creates a visitor experience which inter-connects symbolically and literally to the ‘traditional wall’ or sacred space – the past, to the present and then to the future.  It is integrated into the all wood Yeonja-ru to warmly contrast the Center and evoke a sense of calmness and peace.  The café enables the visitor to experience this space indoors and out through an open-air balcony. The new steps and terraces down to the river from the café can be used for performances, art exhibitions, and other experiential art forms.


This Center is holistic in nature and uses its topography to realize the relationship between the built environment and nature.  It incorporates the redevelopment of this space and the river.  A sustainable garden and vegetation strategy is implemented to further enrich the Center from its streetscape to its courtyard and to the riverbed.


The Suncheon Art Platform and Cultural Center celebrates the nature and environment of Suncheon.  It preserves and conserves its past and present, while exuding a sense of vitality, energy, and harmony with its modern and elevated interpretation of the old-city and wall.