Architecture Practice Studio



Chicago, IL









9,000 sf | 836 sm



Architecture studio







       (developed as the Design Director of Dewberry)



Commercial Office


Neutrality Emphasizes the Work Being Produced


 A vast warehouse-like space is renovated into a welcoming, yet unexpected new corporate office for an architectural practice.  Located in the historic Sullivan Center in Chicago’s Loop, this architectural studio embodies its aspirations as well as attitude toward the practice of architecture.


Breaking from its other offices, the main staff areas are located along the perimeter, with enclosed offices along interior edges.  All support areas are located within the middle mass, including printing areas, materials’ library, kitchen, and conference rooms.  A 20’ glass wall intersects the main entry to the space, opening to the elevator lobby, and enabling visual access to a showcase of the work being developed.  It’s at this location that the visual experience of its singular gesture intensifies and compresses as an expression of the complexity of architecture.  A folded plane is used to allow all spaces to intersect, while providing plenum plenty of space for utilities and ventilation ducts.


The staff area is the largest open area and features exposed utilities and higher ceilings to negotiate the scale of the space.  Floors are exposed concrete allowing it to be a work center for experimentation of  materials, models, etc.  Finished hardwood floors are used in the main lobby space with carpet in the conference rooms and offices.


The space’s interior is created with neutrality in order for the work being produced by the practice to be the focus.  Therefore, a muted, neutral palette of colors and materials are used.  All furniture has modern clean lines and trim use medium density fiberboard with a clear finish.  The built in reception desk and glass throughout the space showcase clean and modern lines with limited  visual clutter.