(r)ev o  lu t io n architecture

It is often stated that Architecture is both the process and product of planning, designing and construction.  Others state that the formation of tangible elements like buildings is a culmination of both art and science.  Yet still, many believe that these structures are cultural symbols and/or works of art of a particular time and place.  Our culture and therefore our technology has advanced, shifting the process for creating architecture.  As so the process has evolved, so has our working methods.


At (r)evolution architecture, we believe that architecture has the ability to create infinite possibilities. It is a way of seeing, thinking and questioning our world, as well as our place within it with a will to act in affirmation.  Architecture is expansive.  It is an exploration of solutions through a purposeful and collaborative design process which blends client needs with ideas, instinct and raw data.


Architecture in its fullest and most complete sense has the ability to affect us directly and profoundly.  It solves problems and creates opportunities for its context and users.  We believe in an architecture that provokes thought or emotion, excitement or introspection.  We embody these aspirations and exist at the amalgamation of our definitions...



                evo· lu· tion   |   a gradual process in which something changes into a different and  usually more complex or better form.


            rev· o· lu· tion   |   a complete change in ideas, methods, etc.; a drastic and far reaching change in ways of thinking an behaving




We are deliberate in our actions and our aspirations throughout the design process, engaging in a continuous discourse with clients and consultants, uncovering opportunities that are triggered by various events or circumstances. We expand on the “What if…?” scenarios which inform solutions that go beyond the physical buildings. The many drawings and models that are produced throughout the process take into account tested planning methodologies, ideas derived from the discourse and project needs, and the envisioned internal and external human experience. Our process is collaborative and inclusive of all factors influential to the outcome of the of the work, including: environmental, political, social, economic, and cultural…all influencing the augmentation of the work, creating holistic solutions.